Gavin McFarland

Gavin McFarland


Gavin McFarland previously served as Managing Director at JL McGregor & Company where he was responsible for Capital Management and new business development. JL McGregor & Company is an exclusively China-focused, China-based independent research firm. The company’s primary research, data, and analysis help global investors develop robust China invest­ment strategies.

Before joining the JL McGregor, Mr. McFarland was a Financial Advisor at UBS Financial Services working in the Private Wealth Management office that is dedicated to man­aging and advising the investment assets of high net worth individuals, foundations and institutions. Prior to joining UBS, Mr. McFarland was an advisor to a single family of­fice where he focused on estate planning and wealth transfer techniques. He also has experience developing internet soft­ware and heading up, an internet company that managed emails, documents and online data. In 2001, Mr. McFarland attended the Middlebury Language School for Mandarin Studies and moved to Beijing where he continued his language studies at the Taipei Language Institute. He is proficient in Mandarin. Mr. McFarland is an Associate Trustee of the Children’s Aid Society and holds a BA in English from the University of Virginia.

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