Lesia Bates Moss

Lesia Bates Moss

President/CEO, Bates Consulting Group

Lesia Bates Moss (pronounced Lisa) intuitively focuses on “big picture” strategic direction while remaining cognizant of the details to ensure favorable outcomes. She fluidly moves a concept to reality through sound strategy planning and development and understands how to manage capital assets and quantify return on investment given her background in banking, finance, risk and operations. An inclusive and collaborative executive, Lesia builds trust quickly to foster profitable engagements to achieve the optimal path to growth and accomplishment. She is an inspirational leader who brings decisive, confident and reassuring energy to engender cooperativeness across all levels, and places great value on the human element in delivering excellence.

She has an excellent record navigating ambiguity within multi-level, matrixed organizations – for startups through trillion-dollar enterprise, spanning diverse industries. Frequently called upon to lead organizations’ through complex business and financial situations, she is recognized for her ability to balance the spirit of rigorous rules and regulations with the realities of daily business needs. Lesia leads by example; and pushes for excellence while encouraging others to do the same. Her exposure to different business cultures ensures her comfort level in working in diverse corporate settings, including banking and finance, real estate, government, insurance and nonprofit.

Lesia is a woman of integrity and earns a seat at the table wherever she serves. Her non-conventional, entrepreneurial-minded approach is the compass that has guided her career and work ethic to expand and deepen her knowledge and skill set to navigate ambiguity within diverse industries, solve complex-problems, devise clear, relatable growth strategies and consistently deliver value-added services to benefit businesses.

Currently, Lesia serves as President/CEO, Bates Consulting Group, a principal-led boutique management consulting firm, where she is responsible for client engagement and leading all project teams charged with spearheading audit due diligence, financial management and restructuring activities for nonprofit and small businesses. She also serves as interim COO and CFO of two mid-sized nonprofit organizations, reporting to the CEO and Board of Directors. In her role, she oversees day to day operations, directs cash and treasury management activities and advises the CEO and Board of Directors on financial and operational strategy, programmatic and capital planning.

Previously, as Vice President, Lesia played a key role in business development for the middle-market division within Marsh McLennan Companies, in which she was intimately involved in driving multicultural and new client acquisition and helping to position Marsh as a recognized and credible player in the middle-market segment. Earlier she rose to senior ranks of Fortune 500 companies. At Fannie Mae, she served as Vice President and Head of Counterparty Credit Risk management for the enterprise’s $2.5 trillion single-family mortgage portfolio, overseeing a team of 25 finance and operations professionals and managing more than 3,000 financial institution and related industry counterparties. While at Moody’s Investors Service, Lesia was Senior Vice President and Lead Analyst in the Financial Institutions Group where she played an integral role in the growth and expansion of the US REIT and REOC industry; managed a $10 trillion portfolio of US REIT/REOC and US government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs). She was also the US REIT analyst for the Japanese real estate sector, and co-spearheaded corporate and risk governance research and analysis for US government-sponsored enterprises, including Fannie, Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan Banks and Federal Farm Credit Banks.

Throughout her career Lesia has focused on bridging the gap between wall street and main street. Tapped as President/CEO of Seedco Financial Services, a $200M small business and real estate loan fund, under Lesia’s leadership, the successful financial turnaround and profitability of the loan fund was restored, and approximately $40M in new funding was raised, in 18 months. Lesia attributes these herculean accomplishments to a pragmatic, methodical and adaptable approach to problem-solving, ability to build trust quickly with key funders, lenders and other stakeholders, and “roll up the sleeves” work ethic to deliver results.

Lesia began her career in commercial banking, followed by a few years of public service with various New York City and State agencies. Among her many duties, Lesia led the successful implementation of the City’s first minority and women-owned business program with the Department of General Services (now Department of Citywide Administrative Services).

Throughout her career she has served on several nonprofit Boards. Currently, she serves on the National Advisory Board of Ron Brown Scholars, the University of Virginia Black Alumni Leadership Council, Regional Strategic Planning Committee of Jack and Jill of America, and maintains membership affiliations with the Executive Leadership Council, Financial Women’s Association, Women in Housing and Finance and Council of Urban Real Estate. Lesia has received numerous awards for her leadership, published several articles and research papers and been quoted/interviewed by national and global business journalists throughout her career.

Lesia holds a MS in Real Estate Investment and Analysis from New York University and a BA in American Government from the University of Virginia. She also holds commercial insurance licenses in property, casualty, accident, life & health in New York State.

She and her family currently live in Brooklyn, New York.

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